1. Gogrel says:
    Define wild-eyed. wild-eyed synonyms, wild-eyed pronunciation, wild-eyed translation, English dictionary definition of wild-eyed. adj. 1. Glaring in or as if in anger, terror, or madness. a young mother glowing over the child in her arms; the wild-eyed musician dreamily treading on everybody's toes, and begging nobody's pardon;.
  2. Groran says:
    ‘Terrified, the horses were wild-eyed, ears pulled back.’ ‘On our way into the French Quarter, a wild-eyed man flags down our car, begging us for insulin or information about where some can be found.’ ‘A wild-eyed man who worships Neil Diamond and was deaf as a child is second.’.
  3. Mitaxe says:
    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS Wild Eyed Crystal Child · Lucas James McCain Sounds of Sapphire ℗ Lucas James McCain Released on: Producer: Lucas J.
  4. Nem says:
    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS Wild Eyed Crystal Child · Lucas James McCain Wild Eyed Crystal Child ℗ Lucas James McCain Released on: Producer: Lu.
  5. Tagis says:
    i just remembered that one time at the end of first year when i took off my shirt at m&cs in order to prove a point or show off a sunburn or something, and then a gigantic tour group trooped into the dining hall.3 seconds later. i don't think anyone that was there reads this anymore, but little.
  6. Gardalabar says:
    november, thus far, has been both ridiculous and lovely. first of course, there was the election. though there were no holograms over at the fox news headquarters, rudy giuliani did introduce himself to me, after accidentally stepping on my foot on my way to the control room. i must admit, i had a.
  7. Gotaxe says:
    i keep thinking about that time at the beginning of sophomore year when we went skinny dipping in upper lake and then jumped back in with all our clothes on and laughed until we cried. that was one of the greatest moments of all time and i'm trying to fight the feeling that i've run out of those..
  8. Kagasar says:
    sooooooooooo andrew mcmahon is playing a solo show downtown on october apparently the venue is tiny, and tiny shows are, in my opinion, the best shows. i tried to get tickets. nika tried to get me tickets. there were no more tickets. i was sad. but THEN my MOTHER somehow FINAGLED SOME TICKETS.

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